About Pine Hill

Quiet and  Peaceful

In our vast pet park setting, we have hundreds of trees including Pine, Oak, Cedar and Apple, just to name a few, and nestling among these trees you will find thousands of markers identifying beloved pets, horses, and other special friends.

Our purpose is to provide a special resting place that will show your pets the respect they so richly deserve after they have enriched your lives through love, companionship, loyalty and recreation.

Planting trees every year helps the environment by providing a home for other living things and eventually becoming a living memorial for your pets, horses and other beloved companions.

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our prayer of commitment

O Lord, Give us the strength to care for all these beloved pets. Help us to understand, comfort and offer the right words to the families we meet during their time of need. Make us realize how important these pets were in someone’s life. Help us to remember that we are all caretakers (for You), for a short time. Bless our efforts to give nature back one of her own.

Visitor Info

Open to Public Weekends & Holidays
Mon. - Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
First time visitors please call in advance so we may greet you and help you locate your special friend.
Pine Hill is located 2.5 miles North of Bowie
on Highway 81 N (on the right).