Order Form – Granite Memorial

Beautiful Granite with a polished top and sawn or rock-pitched sides.
Options for the Granite Memorials include Gray or Pink color choice in a variety of sizes, Standard & Premium Clipart Images, Custom Clipart Images if desired, a selection of Font Styles, Borders, Frosted Panels and Metal Photoplates.
Home Delivery (Drop Shipping) is also available.

Please allow 10 - 15 business days for delivery of standard sizes.
We will send you a letter when the memorial arrives and has been set.

Gray Granite
4"x8"x2" $67.00
8"x8"x2" $104.00
8"x12"x2" $147.00
8"16"x2" $177.00
Custom $Market
Pink Granite
4"x8"x2" $125.00
8"x8"x2" $180.00
8"x12x2" $235.00
8"x16"x2" $335.00
Custom $Market

Custom Laser Engraving is done in-house and provides a special touch to any cremation service. By adding custom engraving, you may have a photo of your pet or horse engraved on their cremation urn. You may also have dates, epithets, any meaningful phrases, poems, etc. engraved to personalize your memorial.

Standard and premium art images are available as well as your choice of fonts. (See available font selection below the submit form.)


avail-standard avail-premium

These are just some of the images we have to offer. If you would like to see more you can email us and we can send you the rest of the pictures.

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Premium Image - $15.00Frosted Panel - $15.00Custom Image - $25.00Home Delivery - $5.00

Please call the office for payment.