Cremation and Urns

Cremation and Urns

Cremation Services

This special attention service is available for those who prefer private cremation for their pet or horse.

The service includes private cremation of your pet or horse with the remains returned to you in a selection of wood urns. Specialty urns also available.

You may choose to adorn your urn selection with a standard nameplate or add that special touch with custom engraving directly on the urn.



These are the basic urns provided for pet cremations.
The size needed is based on pet weight:

Cedar 160 - 120-150#; Cedar 181 - 71-120#; Cedar 177 - 46-70#; Cedar 144 - 26-45#; Cedar 257 -10-25#; Cedar 224 - 00-9 #.
Please call us for more information.

In our nearly 20 years of service, we have sourced our horse urns from a variety of carpenters. Currently, only the pine box urns (as pictured above) are available for custom orders. Call us for more information.

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