Burial Services for Your Special Companion

Your pet is a member of your family. Whether it's a tiny Sugar Glider, kitty or large Clydesdale; Pine Hill is a wonderful resting place for your beloved pet who gave a lifetime of unconditional love and affection.

Pick Up of your pet or horse from your home is only a phone call away. Or, if you prefer, you may bring your pet to us at a discounted rate. Graveside Services for burial is also available upon request.

Additional Accessories are available to add that special touch to almost any burial or cremation service. These include:

• Pine Box Caskets• Granite & Engraved Burial Markers• Custom Engraved Wood Urns

Private Burial


With Private Burial Services,  your beloved pet or horse will be interned in Pine Hill's vast 45+ acre park, resting amongst trees, rose bushes and singing birds.  Private Burial includes your pets name engraved on its burial marker. If you already have pets privately buried at Pine Hill, we will make every attempt to placed together. Please let us know if you do have another pets with us or would like to include Graveside Burial Services.


Family Plots


We also offer family plots for our pet families who have several pet. From horses to rabbits, all will rest together.  Contact us to establish a family plot, or be sure to ask for this option at an additional cost when inquiring about our services. 


General Burial 

Our General Burial Service is animal communal burial and performed at  an off-site. This economical option is ideal for ranchers , animal shelters and others who do not require a dedicated burial site for their animal.