Pine Hill Pet and Horse Cemetery & Crematory

Pine Hill is a beautiful, vast park located in the country just outside of Bowie, Texas. The pets and horses entrusted to us enjoy a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Your beloved companion will rest among hundreds of trees with singing birds and dancing butterflies, flowering plants and wide blue skies.

Nestling among those trees you will find countless markers identifying beloved pets, horses and other special companions.

We have quite a few visitors who come on weekends and holidays to visit when the weather permits, or make arrangements to come during the week according to their schedules.
Our purpose is to provide a special resting place that will show your beloved friends the respect they so richly deserve after they have enriched your lives through love, companionship, loyalty and recreation

The grounds at Pine Hill Pet and Horse Cemetery are continuously groomed and improved.
Trees, roses and many other blossoming plants and bushes are planted every spring and fall. Planting trees and greenery will help the environment, provide a home and shelter for other living things and eventually become living memorials for your pets.
Our services are available to you 7 days/wk and even on holidays. You can choose to have your pet or horse picked up from your home, your veterinary clinic, or you can even bring them to us at a discounted rate. A scheduled pick-up from your home is only a phone call away.

Burial Plots