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Pine Hill Vision

Bury a Pet, Plant a Tree. The thought originated in August of 1987, when the Lord gave me the thoughts and energy to create Pine Hill; a low-cost Pet and Horse Cemetery in the country. Using non-productive ground as a final resting place for our pets. After the ground settles, we plant trees. The trees will perpetuate the site longer than we will be around.

In August 1987, I realized the general public needed another choice for what to do with Fido when his time came. Pet Cemeteries are too expensive for most of us. The other option is solid waste, either the landfill or mass cremation. Let’s not go there!

It is written: Man and Beast are the same, we come from the dust and we shall return to the dust. We plant a tree in his memory. This is truly an Earth Day Message, we will leave this ground better than we found it. That would be the ultimate sign of success and the supreme accomplishment.

It’s our objective to help start these Pine Hills’ elsewhere, for there is a major need for this type of cemetery in our society. I think Mother Earth is happy with what we do and my sense of purpose, to serve my Brother in this capacity.

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Thank You,
Bro. Ben Larsen